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Powerlix™ - Compression Socks 2019 Designs

Powerlix™ - Compression Socks 2019 Designs

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Don’t Let Pain Slow You Down

Poor circulation in your calves is a real game-changer, and not in a good way. Professions that keep you on your feet all day, sports injuries, and increased joint pressure due to pregnancy can all lead to swollen, aching legs and feet.

Stay at Top Speed with PowerLix Compression Socks

Luckily, there is a solution recommended by physicians and trainers, and it’s as easy as getting dressed in the morning! It’s a pair of men and ladies Compression socks by PowerLix! These ultra comfortable knee highs feature top of the line graduated pressure technology, helping to soothe and prevent all kinds of ailments and injuries when you’re flying, pregnant, or spending long days on your feet!

Fantastic Feet-ures:

 Rapid Recovery – Rebound from injuries quicker, ease your symptoms, and prevent pain in your future, all with 1 pair!

 Made-for-You Fit – Sized “just-right” to provide the perfect amount of graduated compression without squeezing toes too tight!

 Stay All Day – Double-stitched, no-slip fabric keeps the Compression Socks in place all day and still allows for full range of motion!

 Don’t-Sweat-It Design – Antibacterial, sweat-proof, and odor-defending material helps you to keep up your daily routine, even in hot conditions!

 Uniquely Unisex – Choose between gender-neutral grey and blue for a sock as stylish as it is effective!

 For the Long Run – Easy to clean and fast-drying – Compression Socks retain their compression power, even after multiple washes!

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